Safe and Smart Tree Removal in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Chainsaw and Tree Trunks -  Tree Removal Services in Dummerston, VT
Sadly, no tree lives forever.
They can get sick or develop other problems over time. If you have a tree that looks sickly, dying or dead and is not responding to attempts to treat it, then it is probably time to remove it. Dead trees are quite an eyesore and they can be dangerous as well. As they deteriorate, dead trees may drop heavy branches or completely fall over. These unexpected falls can damage property or even harm people. Have a member of our team take a look at your trees today.

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Reasons for Removal

Every tree is evaluated on a case by case basis. Sometimes only a portion of the tree needs to be removed for the rest to remain healthy. Here are a few situations where full or partial tree removal may be helpful:
  • The tree's growth is interfering with utility lines, sidewalks, driveways or your home itself
  • There are dead or dying limbs
  • The entire tree is dead or dying
  • It is a fire hazard
  • Space needs to be cleared for any reason
  • The tree exhibits severe discoloration
If any of the trees fall under one or more of these categories, please do not hesitate to call us. One of our expert arborists can quickly come out to your property to make a determination and give you an estimate.

Equipped and Trained for the Job

While it is possible to remove branches or entire trees yourself, it is usually a job best left to the professionals. Larger trees are especially tricky and often need to be cut down in pieces for the sake of safety. Our crew has years of experience plus all the equipment necessary to remove the tree and stump quickly and safely. Our goal is always to impact the surrounding environment as little as possible and clean up everything after we're done.