Smart and Affordable Tree Care in Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts

Beautiful Home With Green Grass Yard -  Tree Care Services in Dummerston, VT
Trees are a valuable part of your property.

They are aesthetically pleasing and increase curb appeal. The shade that they provide is nice for spending time outside in the hotter seasons but can also save you money on your home electricity bill.

Trees also buffer your home from your neighbors by providing privacy and noise dampening.

For all these reasons, trees are something which should be cared for. The professionals at Renaud Tree Care, Inc. are the certified experts in tree care and will ensure every tree on your property is in its absolute best condition. Call us at 802-257-0567 today to arrange for an estimate or ask questions!

Comprehensive Service

If you need help or have questions about anything to do with trees, call the experts at Renaud Tree Care, Inc..

We have over three decades of experience helping customers in three different states care for their trees. Some things can be done yourself, but other aspects are best left to professionals like ours.

We have safer ways of reaching high up into trees and have been certified with knowledge of proper tree care.

Our expert crews offer all of the following services.

  • Pruning – promotes healthy growth
  • Cabling/Bracing – stabilize a tree which is struggling
  • Fertilization – make sure your trees are getting all of the necessary nutrients
  • Crane Service – best and safest way to do jobs in high places

Certified Arborists

Our certified arborists have the knowledge to prune, stabilize and fertilize trees correctly.

This designation is given by the International Society of Arboriculture (ISA) and is a testament to the individual's professional knowledge of trees and how to care for them. Maintaining certification requires a continuation of learning and completion of certain educational units every three years.

Despite their tough appearance trees can be very sensitive. Mistakes when caring for a tree can be costly.

We can also remove them. If you have a sick, dying or otherwise problematic tree, you should consider tree removal.